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At Colorminium we have a passion to excel at everything we do. Through our partnership with The Wright Consultancy we analysed complex design details to deliver the best results for our client. I have found in The Wright Consultancy a level of expertise, flexibility and personal customer service that is both reassuring and refreshing. I am pleased to have found a company for whom client focus is the centre of everything, just as is the case for Colorminium.


Reuben Price, Operations Director, Colorminium

Here at Vision AGI we specialise in the design and installation of bespoke rooflight and glass structures. At the design development stage, we use the latest technologies in modelling and so needed to partner with a company who can run complex thermal calculation simulations in order to accurately provide Psi values and U values for our designs.

Through regular conversations with The Wright Consultancy we were able to navigate through the regulations and best practice guidelines to provide accurate values for our designs. As well as the certificates for our frames they were also able to provide a spreadsheet that they designed exclusively for our distinct product line. This means that we are now able to calculate Psi-values for some of our bespoke rooflights with just a few taps on the keyboard.

Because The Wright Consultancy are approachable and affordable we will draw on their expertise and professionalism to help develop our designs with the confidence that it will help our products continue to excel.


Gavin Hutton, Technical Director, Vision AGI

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