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Who are we?

Thermal ​Calculation



Matthew Wright

Technical Lead and Founding Partner

After gaining a degree in Physics, Matthew has had a wide range of experience including: teaching mathematics and physics, ancient building restoration, and on site building experience. Matthew ‘cut his teeth’ in thermal analysis by involvement in bespoke Psi-value calculations for SAP assessments and Passive Haus for medium to large volume house builders*, or for special projects.

In the spring of 2015 after 7 years working for a consultancy, Matthew established himself as an independent consultant and was quickly drawn into complex building designs and a new use for his expertise in maths, physics and thermal consultancy.

Matthew is the technical lead, meaning his considerable knowledge has proved to be a great asset and is the strength behind The Wright Consultancy. This allows us to be able to handle rather complex and unique details in the construction industry.

Matt is the brains of the operation

*Taylor Wimpey, Barrats, Stewart Milne, NHBC Foundation and other major builders and manufacturers in the construction supply chain.

Trefor Jones

Project Management, Business Development and Partner


Trefor joined The Wright Consultancy in July 2015, his tertiary education includes electrical and mechanical engineering, mathematics and physics. He has had varied experience during his working career including director of a youth charity, management in an intensive production environment and several years working in the USA.

While involved in thermal modelling as an aid to Matthew, his focus is on business development, and project management. He oversees the subcontractors which allow for a fast upscaling for large, time sensitive projects. He also makes the tea.

Trefor is the looks of the operation - think “The Face” in the A-Team.

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