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Your "zero hours" Thermal Analysis Department

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What we offer you -

  • Meetings that suit your busy schedule.

  • Flexible and rapid solutions to thermal problems.

  • Depth in expertise for heat loss and condesation risk.

  • Breadth of experience in construction and carbon regulation.


"We aim to take away your problems and deliver solutions."





We are a small and growing team that specialises in all kinds of thermal calculations for the construction industry.

We started in the spring of 2015 when our technical lead, Matthew Wright (MA Oxon), established himself as an independent consultant after 7 years consulting for major house builders. Matthew's experience, a degree in physics and on-site construction experience combine to produce a unique skill set and give a strong technical core to the business.

Understanding the physics of materials and being able to mathematically predict how they will function thermally has proved to be useful in avoiding design problems, predicting probable solutions, and suggesting remedial alterations. 






Thermal modelling including-

  • Psi-values

  • Y-values

  • high resolution U-values

  • dynamic whole building modelling

  • condensation risk assessment

  • area weighted U-value calculations

  • Facade thermal calculations

  • SAP consultancy and certification

  • bespoke calculations and calculators

  • Psi-values for PHPP, European, UK and Ireland standards

  • BuildDesk U 1D CRA Analysis

  • HT Flux





Projects worked upon include -

  • Over 1000 certificated building junction Psi-values, for national firms

  • Facade, curtain wall and rain screen analysis

  • Masonry, timber frame, concrete frame, light steel frame, ICF and other build systems

  • NHBC Foundation Part L guidance

  • Window manufacturers U-values

  • Commercial roof-light U-value and G-factor calculators

  • Individual property Psi-values for 'Passiv Haus' calculations

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